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Where The Magic Show Happens

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In case you're curious about what in heaven's name the Orlando Magic players are up to when they start breakdancing, clapping, throwing down ridiculous dunks, and generally being silly just a few minutes before tipoff of each game, Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel has you covered. It's the Magic Show.

Actually, "The Magic Show" provides more of a look through the keyhole into a team's psyche as a rising title contender.

The Magic are supremely confident after reaching the NBA Finals last June and proving their breakthrough ride was no fluke this season, posting the league's second-best record.

With their mix of colorful personalities and high-wire performers --- [Dwight] Howard and [Vince] Carter are former slam-dunk champs; [Jason] Williams all but channels Pistol Pete Maravich --- their role as league-wide entertainers comes naturally.

They give you the sense of a veteran club that feels it has earned a license to put on a show, too. And they are all business once the monkey business is over.

Fox Sports Florida has video of the most recent Magic Show here. Though it's hard to pick a favorite element, I'd have to say Mickael Pietrus getting down with Anthony Johnson takes top honors.