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Orlando Magic News for April 2nd: Orlando's Chances of Defeating Cleveland, Video Breakdowns, and Bang for the Buck

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  • Who Else Can Reach The Finals?

    A panel of 12 ESPN experts, including the distinguished John Hollinger, Henry Abbott, and Kevin Arnovitz, was asked which teams except the Lakers and Cavaliers ccould win the title. Each of the 12 panelists picked Orlando as the other potential Eastern Conference Champion.

  • At the same link as the story above, Tim McMahon writes about Dwight Howard's dominance at the defensive end.

  • Twitter / Eddy Rivera

    Eddy made two video breakdowns of last night's win over Dallas, with one featuring Howard and the other featuring Mickael Pietrus. He provides links to them in this tweet.

  • Thunder, Trail Blazers, Hawks are NBA's most efficient franchises - Ian Thomsen

    Ian Thomsen names Matt Barnes, earning $1.6 million this season, as one of the forwards on his All-Judicious Team, recognizing players who make meaningful contributions on the cheap. He dubs Barnes "the Magic's most accurate shooter on the wing."