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Orlando Magic 97, Dallas Mavericks 82: The Morning After

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  • Time to start talking title for the Magic? – Orlando Magic BasketBlog

    Jameer Nelson's 14-point, 7-assist showing against Dallas has Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel believing a championship is possible. But there's a catch:

    The problem is that Jameer doesn’t — or can’t, physically — bring it every night. If this can change and Nelson plays more consistently, Orlando can beat the Lakers and the Cavs.

  • Orlando Magic 97, Dallas Mavericks 82 | The Two Man Game

    Rob Mahoney of The T Woman Game The Two Man Game explains how the Magic took control of the game after halftime.

    In the second half, members of the Magic just took turns exposing various aspects of the Mavs’ defense. Orlando utilized its numerous perimeter alternatives on the pick-and-roll, exploiting the Mavs’ tendency to double down on Howard following his strong start to hit three after three.

  • Mickael Pietrus delivers the dagger in Magic win... And Dwight Howard

    Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily came away impressed with Dwight Howard's work on the defensive end. "If there was ever a game that would show the true effect Howard has on defense," Rossman-Reich writes, "this was it."

  • Dwight Howard Destroys the Mavs; the Nuggets go WWE on the Blazers | Dime Magazine

    ... while Dime Magazine came away impressed with his offensive output, because at this time last season "it might take him all day to get a bucket" that wasn't a dunk.