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Orlando Magic News for April 15th: Winning a Championship, Paying J.J. Redick, and Fixing Dwight Howard's Free-Throw Stroke

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  • NBA Playoffs: Why the Magic can win it all and frustrate Cavs fans at the same time - ProBasketballTalk

    John Krolik of ProBasketballTalk on Orlando's title chances:

    I don't know the reason why the Magic still don't seem to be getting taken seriously as championship contenders, but I do know a bunch of good reasons the Magic can win it all this season.

    By "a bunch," Krolik means "six."

  • UPDATE (this bullet only): Orlando's Stan Van Gundy won the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month Award for April, per a press release. The Magic went 7-1 and won by an average of 12 points per game.

  • 10 Players Who Will Get Rich from the NBA Postseason | Dime Magazine (

    Austin Burton of Dime Magazine lists J.J. Redick among the players whose performances this postseason will earn them a big contract this summer.

  • Redick Hopes Magic Playoff Run Leads To Next Contract -- NBA FanHouse

    Tim Povtak spoke with Redick regarding his pending free agency.

    "I think about a guy like Trevor Ariza, who played a nice role for the Lakers last year when they won their championship. And he got a good contract,'' Redick said. "All those role players the Bulls had when they were winning championships, they were rewarded. For me, I think everything is dependent on how we finish this year.''

    At the risk of making something out of nothing, it appears as though Redick wants a contract similar to the one Ariza got, which is the full mid-level exception.

  • Silly Goose: How Dwight Howard’s willingness to be coached ruined his shooting stroke

    Dennis Hans explains the flaws in Dwight Howard's approach at the free-throw line. Hans is a bit obsessed with centers, which is why he, in a sidebar on his site, advocates getting rid of the three-point shot, which would lead to "more shot attempts for well-rounded centers and unemployment for one-dimensional stiffs, regardless of position, loitering behind the three-point welfare line."

If you're looking for Magic/Charlotte Bobcats playoff predictions, I'm compiling those over the next few days and will have the usual Playoff Central feature posted at that time.