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Orlando Magic News for March 9th: People Questioning Dwight Howard's Worth; Adonal Foyle's Future

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  • Is Pippen right about Howard’s inability to dominate?
    Scottie Pippen offers his thoughts on Dwight Howard.

    "He’s a very special player but I don’t think he’s going to win a championship until he gets another superstar to play alongside of him," Pippen said recently while visiting Orlando. "A guy that’s very consistent and has that drive, that’s what it’s going to take. I don’t think that he can carry a team to a championship."

    "He’s not that great of a scorer, he’s not a good shooter and he’s not a good foul shooter. So in the latter parts of the game, as big as he is and as much athleticism as he has, that becomes very small when the game gets into crunch time. He’s not the type of player that can dominate a game in the fourth quarter."
    It should be noted that Pippen was on the record, also, of saying that LeBron James wouldn't fit well with Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls. Yeah ...
  • Why Dwight Howard is overrated
    Peter Keating of, like Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook did last week, looks at a study conducted by John Huizinga and Sandy Weil at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

    In the seven seasons that Huizinga and Weil studied, Rasho Nesterovic was able to direct 65 percent of his blocks to his own teammates, while Stromile Swift had no blocks at all that yielded defensive rebounds. If your block produces an offensive rebound -- often the result of smashing the ball out of bounds -- that's neither the best nor worst result. The other team keeps the ball, with an expected value of about 1 for its possession. If you goal tend on a block, that's the worst; your opponent scores automatically, and occasional fouls push the expected value of the possession up to about 2.07.

    Over the entire stretch of data that Huizinga and Weil examined, Tim Duncan didn't goaltend once, while 24 percent of Dwight Howard's blocks resulted in free points for the other team.
  • Orlando Magic center Adonal Foyle wants to keep playing beyond this season
    Adonal Foyle says that he'd like to continue to play in the NBA.

    Although Foyle hasn’t appeared in a game yet for the Magic in 2009-10, he said this afternoon that he wants to continue as a player beyond this season.

    "I’ve been very fortunate to be around this game for as long as I have," said Foyle, who is celebrating his 35th birthday today. "It’s been fun. I really enjoy it and I still do. I still do.
  • Superman's Costume Gets an Addition
    Chris Sesno of NBA FanHouse breaks down the Superman-themed shoes Dwight Howard wore against the L.A. Lakers on Sunday.