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Off-Day Open Thread: Statistical Analysis and What It Means to You

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It's fitting that the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is today because I know that a number of you in the community have expressed a genuine interest to know more about statistical analysis. Which is great because the more educated you can be as a fan, the better.

We at Orlando Pinstriped Post pride ourselves in referring to advanced statistics to try to find out what Brandon Bass' return to the rotation means to the Orlando Magic, why Dwight Howard deserves to be in the discussion for the Most Valuable Player Award, and more. If you browse the archives, you'll find a plethora of examples where Ben and I use data in whatever subject we're covering in our posts. But we also know that sometimes you, the reader, don't know what adjusted plus/minus is or whatever else. 

In the next few days, I'll create a glossary with a compilation of links that will provide you an explanation of the metrics you want to know more about. Not sure what True Shooting Percentage is? Click here and bookmark the link, for example. There will be more links like that which will, most likely, answer the questions you have.

So, what do you want to know? 

I'll do my best to make sure I have a link to a resource ready for you when the time comes.