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Word of the Day: Acquaintance

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acquaintance (n.) - personal knowledge or information about someone 


Via John Denton of


The Magic might get to see an old acquaintance tonight in second-year guard Courtney Lee. Lee was Orlando’s starting shooting guard on last season’s team that reached the NBA Finals. Lee has missed time recently with a sprained ankle and his availability for tonight’s game is in question. 

Lee, who has averaged 12.2 points and 3.5 assists a game this season, was stunned by last summer’s trade and has admittedly struggled with playing on a poor Nets team after rising to the Finals with the Magic. He still talks often with Magic superstar and close friend Dwight Howard

``Any team that’s losing you are going to be frustrated, but I’ve tried to tell him that he’s just got to continue to play hard,’’ Howard said of his conversations with Lee. ``I’ve tried to stress to him to not let the season affect the way he plays and to just keep getting better and better.’’