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Word of the Day: Jell

jell (v.) - to take shape or fall into place; crystallize

We've noted around here lately that the Orlando Magic's backcourt of point guard Jameer Nelson and shooting guard Vince Carter has looked much better lately. John Schuhmann of, in his second must-read about the Magic in as many weeks, tells us how much better, thanks to StatsCube.

Not only are both Nelson and Carter playing great individually, but they're also more comfortable together. The key to the Magic's win over the Cavs on Feb. 21 was the play of its backcourt in the fourth quarter. Running the point guard/shooting guard pick-and-roll on multiple possessions down the stretch, Carter and Nelson combined to score all of their team's points on the Magic's 16-3 run that sealed the win.

You've gotta read the whole thing, which caps off with a month-by-month look at how Orlando's offense has played with both Nelson and Carter on the floor simultaneously. The progression astounds.