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Orlando Magic News for March 21st: Magic Centers in the Spotlight

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  • Why Adonal Foyle is the Orlando Magic's most important player -

    With this profile of Orlando Magic center Adonal Foyle, Orlando Sentinel columnist George Diaz has just published one of my favorite Magic stories in recent memory. Foyle hasn't logged any minutes on the court this season, but as Diaz explains, that's beside the point.

    "He may not be the Most Valuable Player but he is the most important player we have on the roster," said Magic General Manager Otis Smith. "He's a veteran who can help young guys deal with the ins and outs of basketball as well as the game of life. Basketball is bigger than what we see for those 48 minutes."

    That's one of many memorable bits from the piece. Truly top-notch, and if you're a Magic fan, you should stop whatever you're doing and head over to that link. You'll be glad you did.

  • Magic’s Marcin Gortat ready for a larger role as the postseason approaches -

    Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel likens Marcin Gortat's role on the Magic to that of "a typical firefighter" because "they never know exactly when they'll be pressed into action.

    Gortat has played his best when Howard picked up two early fouls. When Gortat knows he'll play seven to 10 minutes in a row, he finds it easier to relax on the court, get into the rhythm of the game and just play.

    A recent stretch of solid play from Gortat has foregrounded how important he could be to the Magic's championship drive.

  • The Magic have again honored Dwight Howard for his work in the community, as he won his fourth Rich & Helen DeVos Community Enrichment Award last night, per a team press release. Here are but 3 examples of his engagement with, and commitment to, his community:

    • Donated $30,000 to Florida Hospital for Children to help bring advancements to the children’s hospital through the Dwight Howard’s Big Change for Kids program.

    • Donated $25,000 for a learning center at BETA, which provides middle and high school academic training to teen moms through Orange County Public Schools’ Alternative Education Program.

    • Participated in the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program in South Africa. The program focuses on education, grassroots basketball development and HIV/AIDS education and advocacy.