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Poll: First Round Matchup Possibilities for the Orlando Magic

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With roughly a month and a half to go before the 2010 NBA Playoffs begin, I think it's safe to start mentioning postseason and the Orlando Magic in the same sentence. There will be plenty of time to analyze other things, like seeding in the Eastern Conference and try to figure out where the Magic may fall in the bracket, but I wanted to start discussing potential opening round matchups with the community.

At this point, there are five different teams that Orlando has a chance of playing against in the first round: Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat, and Charlotte Bobcats. As of today, two and a half games - that's it! - separate these squads between seeds five through eight so there's no telling what order they'll finish in on April 14th when the regular season ends. But the question I wanted to ask everyone is which team, whether it's the Raptors, Bulls, Bucks, Heat, or Bobcats, would potentially pose the biggest matchup problem for the Magic?

Choose one and explain.