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Orlando Magic News for March 19th: Technical Fouls, Late-Game Heroics, and NBA Jam

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  • Orlando Magic BasketBlog – Van Gundy: Refs "looking" to T up Dwight Howard

    Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel reports that Magic coach Stan Van Gundy believes NBA referees are looking for excuses to ring Dwight Howard up with technical fouls. In expressing that opinion, Schmitz says, Van Gundy's put himself at risk of incurring a league fine. With one more technical this season, Howard will draw a one-game suspension.

  • NBA Playbook – The Threat Of Dwight Howard

    Sebastian Pruiti explains how Howard's presence in the lane helped Rashard Lewis make the clinching three-pointer for Orlando last night against the Heat.

  • Marc Stein's Weekend Dime: NBA Jam - ESPN

    Marc Stein of explains his rationale for leaving Lewis off the Magic's three-man roster in the upcoming NBA Jam video game.

    With the way Lewis has been slumping, by contrast, I don't foresee much resistance if any to our preference for Jameer [Nelson] over Rashard to complete Orlando's trio with Dwight [Howard] and Vince [Carter]. Agreed?