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Orlando Magic 110, San Antonio Spurs 84: The Morning After

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  • MAGIC: Denton: Magic-Spurs Postgame Analysis (Full)

    John Denton of calls Vince Carter's 24-point, 4-rebound, 8-assist performance Carter's "finest of the season."

  • Orlando Magic BasketBlog – Spurs coach says Magic have title team

    Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel writes that San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is impressed with the Orlando Magic.

    "I think they are built for championships," Popovich said of the Magic. "They have everything that it takes. . . .They have all the elements there. It’s a matter of being consistent and focused.

  • Orlando Magic: The Orlando Magic hope Rashard Lewis has ended his slump after he scored 20 points in the Magic’s victory over the San Antonio Spurs

    Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel writes about how Rashard Lewis broke out of his slump last night, and reports that coach Stan Van Gundy drew up the first play of the game for Lewis specifically to get him involved early.

    Lewis received some additional help. Point guard Jameer Nelson told Lewis before the game that he wanted to use some pick-and-roll plays to give Lewis extra space to shoot.

    "[There was] a lot more aggressiveness from him," Nelson said afterward. "He wasn't thinking as much. You could tell. He just was playing his game. A lot of people talk about this and that, and Rashard is who he is. He's going to shoot the ball. He's going to score the ball at the end of the game. He's going to have 16 to 20 points."

  • San Antonio Spurs 84, Orlando Magic 110 | 48 Minutes of Hell

    Graydon Gordian says the Magic's "superior athleticism and execution" makes them a tough team for the Spurs to cover.

  • Carter, Magic bury Spurs' win streak

    Jeff MacDonald of the San Antonio Express-News reports that Tim Duncan, who shot a career-worst 1-of-10 from the field, accepted responsibility for the Spurs' defeat, their most lopsided losing margin in over 2 years. He also says Duncan's teammate Manu Ginobili didn't think Orlando's defense had much to do with Duncan's struggles.

    "It's not like they did a miracle defense on him," Ginobili said. "He just had a bad night."