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Where Clinching a Playoff Spot Happens

Per an Orlando Magic news release distributed earlier today, the team has clinched a playoff spot for the fourth consecutive year. The Magic needed any of the following outcomes tonight to happen in order to clinch:

  1. Charlotte loses to Indiana
  2. Miami loses to San Antonio
  3. Chicago loses to Memphis

The Pacers just upset the Bobcats, 99-94, to formally clinch a playoff spot for Orlando and to make the results of those other games irrelevant to them.

Of course, when the season began, anyone would have told you Orlando would make the playoffs, as a defending conference champion what did not totally tear down its roster, so this news isn't exactly surprising.

UPDATE: John Denton of has details on how to obtain playoff tickets:

Magic season ticket holders will be given first priority at tickets for the playoffs. Fans can still become season ticket holders by calling 407-89-MAGIC. Single-game tickets for the playoffs will begin being sold in a couple of weeks.

The focus of Denton's write-up, though, is Orlando gearing up for another championship run; it is more than just ticket information, in other words. Strongly recommended, as is everything he writes.