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Pre-Game Media Availability with Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy

Before the Orlando Magic face off against the Charlotte Bobcats in tonight's game, I was able to speak briefly with head coach Stan Van Gundy amongst the media.

Here's what he had to say:

With the rotation in tonight's game, will you allocate some of the minutes at the small forward position to Vince Carter?

Yeah, Vince and J.J. [Redick] have played ... we went down the stretch last night with those two guys in so that's not a problem. We can move Rashard [Lewis] over there, too.

What's the key to game-planning against a Larry Brown-coached defense?

Well, I don't know about ... they're a good defensive team and I think when you play good defensive teams, you're generally going to have to make more passes, get to your second and third options, and things like that. I think the one thing that they do is that they will trap you coming across half-court at various times and you have to be alert for that but other than that, it's just a good, solid defense. Not a lot of tricks to what they do other than the traps. It's just they get down [the court], they work hard, they got tough guys that put pressure on the ball, they got size inside to protect the basket. I mean, it's a solid defense.