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Orlando Magic News for March 11th: New Ways to Work Out; A Look at Jameer Nelson's Passing Ability

  • The Orlando Magic are finding new ways to keep their workouts competitive
    Amanda Angel of ESPN the Magazine explains a workout routine the Orlando Magic conduct that helps with its defense. The purpose of the Velcro is to remain intact, which signifies good defense.

    Joe Rogowski has a bag of tricks and isn't afraid to use it. "Yeah, I incorporate gimmicks," says the Orlando Magic strength and conditioning coach. To take the drudgery out of defensive workouts, Rogowski straps resistance bands around the waists of two players -- in this case, forwards Ryan Anderson and Rashard Lewis -- and links the bands with Velcro. He then designates one guy as an offensive player and the other as defensive. Next he has them go through a series of sprints and shuttle runs, with the offensive player setting the pace and making sudden moves.
  • NBA HD: Adjusting How We Measure and View Assists
    Tom Haberstroh of Hardwood Paroxysm takes a look at how assists are measured and creates a new metric, weighted assists per game, which rewards players who distribute the basketball to high efficiency areas: at the rim and beyond the three-point line. Jameer Nelson rates well in weighted assists per game.

  • Orlando Magic Dunk-In
    Video of Magic players dunking before a game. (via TrueHoop)

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  • Derrick Rose impressed Stan Van Gundy during the All-Star game
    Head coach Stan Van Gundy praises Derrick Rose for his serious approach to the 2010 NBA All-Star Game.

  • Thursday Morning Shootaround
    Benson Taylor of The Baseline notes that Orlando is surging.

    Trending up

    The Magic probably won't catch the Cavs in the East, but they are making a late-season push, having won eight of their last night games. In his last five games, Jameer Nelson is averaging 16.4 points, 7.4 assists and just 1.4 turnovers.
  • Book it: Cleveland vs. Orlando in East Finals
    George Diaz eliminates the Boston Celtics as a threat to win the Eastern Conference championship due to age and other factors.

    I feel bad for my buddy Doc Rivers, but his team has no prayer of making a deep run in the playoffs this season. Remember the pre-season chatter, when it was all about whether the Magic, the Cavs or the C’s would emerge as the Beast from the East?

    Cancel one of the choices. This dogfight is down to Orlando and Cleveland.