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Happy Birthday, Jameer Nelson!

Orlando Magic point guard Jameer Nelson turns 28 today, as his backcourt mate Mickael Pietrus did two days ago. We're all a little shaken up due to Vince Carter's 48-point explosion last night, but let us at least take a moment to wish Nelson a happy birthday.

Nelson's showing signs of returning to last season's form, when he keyed Orlando's 33-8 start and became an All-Star. Some fans won't ever give him a break, true. They say he's only proven he can play at a high level for half a season, which conveniently ignores his sophomore campaign, when he averaged 16 points and 5.8 assists on 55.9% True Shooting in 33 starts. Nelson probably couldn't care less. He takes the court, does his pick-and-roll thing with team co-captain Dwight Howard, and goes home, nevermind what his many critics say or write. The man is unflappable, and a tremendous team leader to boot. I believe some among us should value him more highly than they do.

Many happy returns, Jameer.