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Happy Birthday, Mickael Pietrus!

Before the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics get underway, I wanted to wish a happy birthday to Orlando Magic forward Mickael Pietrus, who turned 28 today.

Though Pietrus' productivity has waned in his second season with Orlando, he's managed to stay reasonably healthy, only missing 3 games so far. Last year, he missed 28. And although his shooting percentages and shot selection leave something to be desired--I am not a fan of that pullup 21-footer after a pump-fake--he's still brought the same tough, skilled perimeter defense that prompted the Magic to award him a five-year deal worth the full mid-level exception in 2008. He's also one of the goofiest guys on the team, even on the court, when he'll occasionally punctuate a three-point attempt with a call of "shoooo-woooop".

It's appropriate that he'll get to celebrate his birthday the same day Orlando plays Boston. In his brief Magic career, Pietrus has torched the Celtics for 10.3 points per game on 63.7% True Shooting. In general, fans of opposing teams tend to regard him more highly than Magic fans do, due largely to his tendency to catch fire in opposing arenas. In his 7-year career, Pietrus has connected on just 39.3% of his field goal attempts and 32.6% of his three-pointers at Amway Arena. Everywhere else? 44.1% and 36.1%, respectively.

Many happy returns, Mickael.