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A Brief History of the Orlando Magic's Blown Leads This Season

Last night, the Orlando Magic blew a 21-point, first-half lead--and a 15-point halftime lead--to the Washington Wizards in arguably the most frustrating, embarrassing loss of the season. That game prompted me to look into Orlando's history of coughing up big leads this year. Here's a list, presented without comment. Let me know if I've forgotten anything.

Date Opponent Big lead Clock Result
25 Nov. Miami 11 7:58, 4Q L, 99-98
10 Dec. Utah 18 8:40, 2Q L, 120-111
8 Jan. Washington 10 10:39, 4Q L, 104-97
18 Jan. L.A. Lakers 9 3:16, 3Q L, 98-92
23 Jan. Charlotte 16 1:31, 3Q W, 104-95 (OT)
25 Jan. Memphis 16 7:18, 2Q L, 99-94
31 Jan. Detroit 14 6:22, 2Q W, 91-86
5 Feb. Washington 21 2:22, 1Q L, 92-91

Of course, this examination doesn't give Orlando any credit for surmounting double-digit deficits itself, which it did against Boston last week and against Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day. It also overcame a 13-point deficit against the Lakers, only to fall short, as listed in the chart above. The point is that virtually no Magic lead is safe. 6 times in their last 15 games, the Magic have failed to protect considerable leads. Make of that what you will.