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Poll: Which Orlando Magic Player Would You Most Want to See in the 2010 Three-Point Shootout?

With the 2010 Three-Point Shootout field slowly revealing itself (Channing Frye and Paul Pierce, among others), it remains to be seen whether or not a member of the Orlando Magic will be asked to compete alongside other players in the NBA. J.J. Redick, in particular, doesn't think he's going to get an invite:

"I would assume at this point that I’m not in it just because I still haven’t heard anything," Redick said after the Magic completed practice today. "So, maybe next year."

Last year, Rashard Lewis competed and nearly won before losing to Daequan Cook in overtime after being tied in the final round.

So, the question for the community is simple. If a player from the Magic does get invited to the competition, who should it be? Here's a quick rundown of the "worthy" candidates. League ranking in parentheses:

3PM-A 3P%
J.J. Redick 1.5-3.7 41.4% (16)
Rashard Lewis 2.5-6.2 40.7% (18)
Jason Williams 1.2-3.0 39.7% (26)

Make your choice.