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Orlando Magic News for February 2nd: NASCAR Night at the Amway Arena, Various Looks at the Magic, and More

Orlando Magic NASCAR night logo
Orlando Magic NASCAR night logo
  • Details on the Orlando Magic's NASCAR Night against the Milwaukee Bucks tonight, from West Orlando News via a Magic press release.
  • Vince Carter: "If you’re in a slump, keep playing. The days get better."
    UPDATE: Vince Carter talks about his struggles on offense.

  • Coaching in the All-Star Game makes Stan Van Gundy realize how ‘lucky’ he is
    UPDATE 2: Josh Robbins states that head coach Stan Van Gundy appreciates the honor and responsibility that comes with coaching in the 2010 NBA All-Star Game.

    "You’re just managing people in and out of the game," Van Gundy said. "I’m not coaching people. I’m not going to be yelling and screaming at guys.

    "Maybe Dwight," he added, smiling. "Maybe Dwight. It’s their game. It’s their game. And they’ll figure it out. We put in a couple of sets last time. You maybe diagram a play at a timeout, trying to get somebody something. But, really, I’ve got a very good seat for watching the 24 best guys in the league play. That’s really what it is."
  • Statistics and Dreamscapes: On The Cavs’ Transition Game
    John Krolik of Cavs: the Blog attempts to see which teams make the most of their transition opportunities. While he's mainly concerned with the Cavaliers, Orlando's rank in these metrics is worth noting.

  • NBA Transaction Flow Charts
    Wyn Douglas of Canis Hoopus took the time recently to chronicle how each of the NBA's teams were assembled. I have no doubt that this page will become an invaluable resource.

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  • adidas TS Supernatural
    Dime Magazine has a look at the adidas shoes some of the NBA's All-Stars, including Dwight Howard, will don at the All-Star Game in two weeks.

  • Rethinking NBA Aging
    Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus analyzes player aging in the NBA and wonders whether there is chaos or order in the conventional wisdom. 

    It's hard not to look at those charts and wonder whether we are silly to even discuss aging curves. As convenient as the notion is of someone entering the league, improving, peaking, then beginning to decline before dropping off and retiring, few if any players follow such a formulaic path. More likely, players improve and decline several different times throughout their career, whether because of injury, team fit or simply the randomness in both statistics and human behavior.
  • Prospectus Hoops List: Here come the Cavaliers
    Bradford Doolittle of Basketball Prospectus examines the Orlando Magic.

    Orlando has won six of seven while everyone tries to figure out what is wrong with the team. Another rough patch could be on the way for the Magic after Jameer Nelson tweaked his knee and Mickael Pietrus twisted his ankle on Sunday. Orlando has a couple of gimmes up next, but then face a stretch of four games in five nights, three of them road tests at Boston, Chicago and Cleveland, respectively. The Magic can't afford to give up any ground to the Cavaliers, who hold a 5 1/2 ame lead for the top spot of the East. And don't forget about the three-team scrum Orlando is involved with for the two-through-four seeds in the conference along with Atlanta and Boston.