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Where the Grand Opening of Our Online Store Happens

Our [correct] Polish Machine design, now available at the OPP Store
Our [correct] Polish Machine design, now available at the OPP Store

It is with great pleasure that I announce the grand opening of the official online store of Orlando Pinstriped Post, and with it our first apparel design. We've kicked things off with a design that nods knowingly to Orlando Magic backup center Marcin Gortat, alias the Polish Machine. You see the design above with blue text on a black background, but other colors and styles are available.

We'll roll out more designs as inspiration strikes us. But for now, content yourself with the knowledge that the very best Marcin Gortat t-shirt (or muscle shirt, or hoodie, or...) in the universe can be yours.

UPDATE: a reader in Poland caught a grammatical error that appeared the initial shirts (this is what I get for not sticking to a language I actually speak). Our designer has fixed it and there's a chance that those of you who have already ordered a shirt will receive the corrected version. Apologies for the goof.

Additionally, the shirts no longer feature the site URL across the front, which was a concern for some of you.

Finally, an English version of the shirt is also available.