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Where a Successful Head Coach Making a Positive Impact Happens

Via John Denton of


[Stan] Van Gundy's success with the Magic certainly isn't luck. He is extremely bright, and knows how to push player's buttons as well as he does know how to design a game plan. And when he realized earlier this season that his hard-driving ways had become too negative, he backed off and his Magic took off up the standings. 


He's made quite an impression on Magic star center Dwight Howard, so much so that the all-star center calls Van Gundy, ``the greatest coach I've ever played for.'' Howard likes to playfully mock Van Gundy's sideline screaming and hand waving, but clearly the coach has the respect of the Magic's best player. 


``We've grown over the years and our relationship has only continued to get better,'' Howard said. ``Like I told him the first time he got here, 'I'll always be his soldier and whatever he needs me to do or wants me to do I'll do it.'''


Click on the link to read Denton's article. It's well-written.