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Where Setting a World Record from the Seat of Your Pants Happens

After the Eastern Conference's practice yesterday, Orlando Magic All-Star Dwight Howard set a world record by making a shot from 52 feet, 6 inches away... while seated on the ground. Not even in a chair, but on the ground. Here's the video.

Nice to see all the hours of work Howard's put in with Hall of Fame center Patrick Ewing, a Magic assistant, has paid off. The next time anyone contends that Howard has yet to refine his offensive arsenal, refer that poor, benighted soul to that video. Howard's the only man alive to ever complete that move. Forget the Dream Shake or Sky Hook, y'all. The... whatever you want to call that... is the latest unstoppable, signature finish for a big man.

No word yet on if Magic/East coach Stan Van Gundy plans to expand his playbook to include more 50-footers for Howard.

I suppose one could argue that Howard's world-record was among the top highlights from All-Star Saturday. The Dunk Contest proved to be a total dud, and the night was excitement-free. Only Steve Nash's goofy block attempt of Deron Williams in the Skills Competition saved the evening from fading instantly into obscurity.

Congratulations, Dwight.