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Orlando Magic News for February 13th: The Joke is on Stan Van Gundy; a Look at Dunks

  • Dwyane Wade has earplugs for Stan Van Gundy
    Henry Abbott of TrueHoop notes that Dwyane Wade, a former player of head coach Stan Van Gundy, humorously brought earplugs to prepare himself.

  • Stan Van Gundy on Dwyane Wade's earplugs
    "Van Gundy gets the joke."

  • Vince Carter, Michael Jordan among top dunk contest winners
    Sports Illustrated takes a look at the top ten dunks in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Dwight Howard's "Superman" dunk makes an appearance.

  • Dunk Contest Dime
    Doobie Okon of SLAM ONLINE comes up with five dunks that he'd like to see in the Dunk Contest. Here's one that he had in mind:

    1 ) The CrossBoard

    How it’s executed: The dunker has a ball in each hand. As he’s running up to the basket, he throws the ball in his right hand off the backboard, and then immediately throws the ball in his left off the backboard. He needs to throw the first ball low and second ball high so they don’t hit each other, but he then has to catch the first ball with his left hand (threw it with his right) and the second ball with his right hand (threw it with his left) and dunk them one after another. A bang bang double dunk.

    Ideal Dunker: Dwight Howard. He’s got huge hands, which is important since the dunker has to catch each ball with one hand. Howard also possesses incredible height to his jump and the dunker’s going to need to stay in the air for a while to complete this difficult attempt.