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Rivera: Orlando Magic's Defense Carrying Them So Far

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Eddy Rivera of MagicBasketball.Net explains the myriad ways the Orlando Magic's defense has really come through this year, carrying the Magic to a 15-6 record despite an offense that Rivera calls "more average than good."

The Magic "have been defending like mad dogs" under head coach Stan Van Gundy this season, Rivera says, making his point with data from Synergy Sports Technology,, and other sources. If you've wondered how the Magic have remained among the league's elite this season while getting mediocre offensive production from Rashard Lewis, Chris Duhon, Quentin Richardson, and J.J. Redick, Rivera has the answers you seek, and likely others to questions you've yet to even ask. President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith built his team on defense and three-point shooting, and the former has carried Orlando as the latter has flagged.

Top-notch work from Rivera, one of the brightest dudes in our field.