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LeBron James Returns to Cleveland as the Miami Heat Visit the Cavaliers

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Tonight's game between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers might prove to be the most anticipated matchup between an 11-7 team and a 7-10 team in recent history. I invite you all to discuss LeBron James' return to Cleveland in this thread, because as much as I prefer to keep the frontpage focused on the Orlando Magic--this site's focus is indeed, after all, Orlando--there's also an undeniable national interest in this game. I sincerely hope the fans in Cleveland boo him without incident, and the biggest takeaway from the game is the final score, and not some moron charging the court, or some other such similar nonsense.

Neither team is in great shape right now, with Miami struggling to meet its potential on either end of the floor and the Cavaliers simply bereft of talent outside of, I dunno, Ramon Sessions and J.J. Hickson.

While you're waiting for tipoff, I recommend reading the separate pleas for sanity Andrew Schnitkey and Kelly Dwyer made at Waiting For Next Year and Ball Don't Lie, respectively. Also, here's SB Nation's Andrew Sharp on why James ought to win Sportsman of the Year.

Enjoy the game. Magic coverage resumes tomorrow.