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Orlando Magic, Washington Wizards Deny Gilbert Arenas Trade Rumor

High-ranking officials in the Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards organizations have refuted Orlando Pinstriped Post's earlier report that the Magic have engaged the Wizards in trade talks regarding Gilbert Arenas.

Via Twitter, Otis Smith, the Magic's President of Basketball Operations told Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel "he hasn't spoken with the Wizards about Gilbert Arenas."

In Washington, Wizards owner Ted Leonsis also denied those talks had taken place. The Washington Post's Michael Lee has more on that front:

Leonsis wrote in an e-mail, "It isn't true. I wouldn't tell you if it was true but I am telling you that it is not true."

A league source said on Wednesday that the Magic is open to making roster upgrades, with targets including Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Arenas, given his connection with Magic General Manager Otis Smith. The Wizards contacted the Magic last summer about trading Arenas for Vince Carter's expiring contract, but the conversation didn't get very far. The source, though, said the talks were never totally dead.

These reports seem to indicate that these talks are fluid and ongoing, and the clubs may revisit them; you'll forgive me for being skeptical that they've truly died. Instead, I'm more inclined to believe--and this is only my inference--that a trade built around Arenas and Vince Carter may happen as the February deadline approaches.