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Orlando Magic/Gilbert Arenas Trade Rumor Reaction

A few links dealing with the fallout from today's report, first appearing at Orlando Pinstriped Post, that the Orlando Magic have discussed acquiring Gilbert Arenas from the Washington Wizards, perhaps in exchange for Vince Carter, recently.

First, Ken Berger of, who reported the Magic's interest in Arenas over the summer, cites sources who say "there has been no movement on the Arenas front since the aforementioned discussions fell apart." He adds that Arenas' ability to ply 30 minutes per game this season pleases the Wizards, who can only unload him if he's proven healthy and reasonably productive.

Zach Lowe of Sports Illustrated, whose Point Forward blog is required daily reading, looks into the cap ramifications of a potential pairing of Arenas and the Magic, and isn't impressed:

Taking on Arenas without getting rid of other long-term obligations puts Orlando in a difficult cap situation and could easily result in the team’s being stuck with a long-term core of Arenas, [Rashard] Lewis, Dwight Howard and [Jameer] Nelson. That’s not a bad core, but it’s not a championship-level core, either, unless Orlando can find supplementary talent elsewhere.

In an chat today, John Hollinger says, "Can't say I'd be real excited to see Gilbert in Orlando." A bit later, he says the Magic "need another dynamic wing player" and reiterates his stance that Orlando has the assets to make a significant trade at the February deadline.

At Bullets Forever, Mike Prada wants some time to collect his thoughts about a potential Arenas-to-Orlando trade. He does say, though, he wants no part of Lewis' onerous contract.