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Off-Day Open Thread: Will the Orlando Magic Wear Their New Alternate Uniforms to Excess?

As they announced over the weekend, the Orlando Magic will introduce a black alternate uniform this season, debuting it on December 14th against the Denver Nuggets. The complete schedule calls for them to wear the new threads 16 times total this season, including 14 road games and 2 home games. As the Nuggets game is their 25th of the season, that means Orlando will wear the new uniform for 16 of its final 57 games.

Today's question, then, centers on the frequency with which the team will wear those uniforms. As sharp as they are--and I've heard no one say anything different, really--is 16 times a bit too much? Is it excessive? Not enough? And, more broadly, does the proliferation of alternate uniforms in the NBA and professional sports at large bother you?

Let your voice be heard below, via the comments section and poll attached to this post. RSS readers, please visit the site to participate. And if you happened to purchase one of the uniforms on Black Friday, when they went on sale at the Magic Team Shop, I'd love it if you'd post a photo on our Facebook page.