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Orlando Magic News for October 6th: Video of Dwight Howard Working with Hakeem Olajuwon in the Post

  • Want to See How Hakeem Olajuwon Helped Dwight Howard? | Magic Basketball

    Eddy Rivera has video of Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard working out with Hall-of-Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon this summer. It's 8:26 long, but well worth it for Magic fans. Howard looks incredible. My favorite part comes at around the 2:09 mark when Olajuwon, after showing Howard a simple jump hook, quizzes him: "What is the counter of that move?" Howard then executes a beautiful up-and-under to the baseline.

  • NBA Playbook – How Dwight Howard Gives Up Post Position

    At NBA Playbook, Sebastian Pruiti explains a problem with Howard's post game: he often gets good position down low, but squanders it in a variety of ways. As usual, he uses video and still images to make his point.

  • 2010-11 GM Survey Results: Predictions |

    The annual survey of league GMs proved unkind to the Magic. Only 25.9 percent of respondents believe they can repeat as Southeast Division champions--everyone else voted for the Miami Heat--while only 11.1 percent believe they can capture an Eastern Conference championship. No one picked the Magic to win the NBA Finals.

  • Vince Carter has lean, hungry look – Orlando Magic BasketBlog

    "I think," Brian Schmitz writes, "[Vince Carter] has taken to heart some of the criticism launched at him after the playoffs last season and some of the demands his teammates have made."

  • Preseason Game 1 "The Hidalgo Story" - The Dream Shake

    Xiane of The Dream Shake came away impressed with the Magic's performance in their 97-88 win over the Houston Rockets last night. For example, Marcin Gortat looked like "a legit NBA starting center, maybe even an all-star given the sorry state of the position in general."

  • Every unlockable player in ‘NBA Jam;' including Beastie Boys - Ball Don't Lie

    Kelly Dwyer explains the true, honest-to-goodness way to unlock Magic legend Nick Anderson in the new NBA Jam videogame.

    To unlock Nick Anderson, you must get over your "First Game Jitters" and complete a Play Now Game. This is because the people at EA are a little mean and don't realize that for Orlandonians, it's still too soon for Nick Anderson jokes.

    He's right. It's still too soon.