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When Following the NBA, Twitter Is Essential

Twitter's rise has drastically altered the way in which we receive news, across all disciplines and fields. Yet Twitter has proven particularly indispensable in covering the NBA. It's enhanced my experience, both as a fan and as a writer.

As a fan, I find the ability to have NBA news from sources I trust beamed directly to my Samsung Impression essential. No matter where I am, I can receive up-to-the-minute news and commentary from my favorite writers and analysts. With Twitter, I am never out of the loop.

But I wear two hats, so to speak, when it comes to the NBA: I'm also a writer, and Twitter enables me to join the conversation no matter where I am, regardless of my proximity to a computer. At Orlando Magic Media Day last season, I pointed out that J.J. Redick was wearing a Kings of Leon shirt, which got some attention. I was able to pass along Commissioner David Stern's line about Amway Center being the best facility in the world, just moments after he said it during last night's press conference.

As sports fans, we want to stay connected. That's why chat rooms and message boards gained so much popularity prior to the development of sports blogs, like the one you're reading now. Twitter is the next logical step in that progression, the newest virtual water cooler around which we all gather to shoot the breeze.