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Dwight Howard's Jump Shots: A Brief Correction

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When poking around the Synergy Sports Technology engine recently, I discovered I had misinterpreted the way the software classifies jump-shot attempts, which in turn renders this look at Dwight Howard's jumper earlier this month obsolete.

Howard takes his jumper seriously, bristling at the suggestion that it's "new" or something with which he's merely "experimenting." And as I noted yesterday, his 10-of-15 mark on jumpers this preseason is an encouraging sign.

For posterity's sake, I wanted to correct a few of the points I made in the October 8th post on Howard's jumpers.

Howard has taken 373 two-point jumpers in his six-year career, which spans 489 games 17466 regular-season minutes, which equates to one two-point J attempt every 46.8 minutes, or one every 1.3 games.

Howard has made 114 of those two-point jumpers, for a career mark of 30.6 percent. His mark on all other two-pointers is 57.7 percent, which strongly suggests he should stick to trying to score closer to the basket. But there are reasons for optimism, as he shot a career-best 34.8 percent on two-point jumpers last season.

Only time can tell if Howard has indeed folded the jumper into his offensive arsenal. Again, all I'm doing here is correcting some errors on my part.

His first opportunity to show off his jumper in a meaningful game comes this Thursday when his Orlando Magic host the Washington Wizards.