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For Entertainment Purposes Only: the Orlando Magic and NBA Odds

Over the weekend, a prominent sportsbook, which I am unable to mention here, contacted me with odds about the 2010/11 NBA season, with a particular emphasis on the Orlando Magic. For entertainment purposes only, of course, here's how the oddsmakers think on how the Magic's season might end:

NBA 2010/11 - Orlando Magic - Exact Season Result
NBA Champions 13/1 (+1300)
Magic Lose in Title Game 13/2 (+650)
Magic Lose in Eastern Conference Finals 4/1 (+400)
Magic Lose in Eastern Conference Semi Finals 9/4 (+225)
Magic Lose in Eastern Conference Quarter Finals 2/1 (+200)
Magic Eliminated in Regular Season 7/1 (+700)

One can also place prop bets regarding the Magic's four brightest stars:

Dwight Howard
Over/Under 19.7 PPG
Over/Under 13.5 RPG

Vince Carter
Over/Under 17.3 PPG

Rashard Lewis
Over/Under 15 PPG

Jameer Nelson
Over/Under 13.0 PPG
Over/Under 5.5 APG

We'll have a look at how the Magic stack up with regard to championship, Conference, and Division odds after the jump.

Odds to win 2011 NBA Championship
Miami Heat 17/10
Los Angeles Lakers 5/2
Boston Celtics 17/2
Orlando Magic 13/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 14/1

The oddsmakers believe Orlando has the fourth-best chance at winning a title, ranking them just slightly ahead of Oklahoma City. At ProBasketballTalk, Kurt Helin dubs the Magic's 13/1 championship the "best on the board."

Odds to win 2011 Eastern Conference
Miami Heat 2/3
Boston Celtics 9/2
Orlando Magic 11/2
Chicago Bulls 9/1
Atlanta Hawks 25/1
Milwaukee Bucks 25/1

Orlando also has favorable odds to win the East, as one might expect given their championship chances.

Odds to win the 2010-2011 Southeast Division
Miami Heat 1/3
Orlando Magic 7/2
Atlanta Hawks 12/1
Washington Wizards 20/1
Charlotte Bobcats 30/1

But indeed, in each category, the Magic face longer odds than their rivals to the South, the Miami Heat.