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Orlando Magic News for October 18th: "Dynamite" Vince Carter, Jumbo Lineups, and More

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  • Oh, Vince Carter. If only it were May – Orlando Magic BasketBlog

    Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel says Orlando Magic guard Vince Carter "has been dynamite this preseason," but that the team needs him to be able to sustain this level of play once the games start to count. To that end, he suggests coach Stan Van Gundy "might have to borrow a page from the Doc Rivers manual on how to nurse [...] an older player to the finish line."

  • MAGIC: Denton: Big Lineup Effective Thus Far

    "The Magic want to be bigger and badder," John Denton writes, which is why they've been more inclined to play "big" lineups with either Marcin Gortat or Brandon Bass at power forward alongside Dwight Howard at center this preseason. Specifically, they have an eye toward potential playoff meetings against the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, L.A. Lakers, and San Antonio Spurs. Denton's story includes can't-miss quotes from Howard and Gortat.

  • Division preview: Southeast - NBA - Basketball

    Ken Berger's preview of the Southeast Division is insightful, fair, and well-reasoned. "Basically, if Miami loading up in free agency doesn't put Howard on a mission of total destruction," he writes, "then nothing ever will." He also lists Quentin Richardson as the Magic's "X-Factor."

  • NBA Coach Power Rankings: Which Head Coaches Are The Best Of An Elite Group? -

    Last week, Mike Prada of ranked the league's 30 head coaches. He has a lot of nice things to say about Stan Van Gundy.