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Orlando Magic Pre-Game Media Availability: Stanley Robinson

Bruce Maddox - Orlando Pinstriped Post
Bruce Maddox - Orlando Pinstriped Post

I caught up with Orlando Magic rookie Stanley Robinson in the locker room prior to tonight's preseason game against the New Orleans Hornets. Here's a transcript of our brief chat.

Ben Q. Rock: You got into your first game the other night, had just one shot attempt. How would you assess your performance?

Stanley Robinson: Oh, man. I don't know. I was just probably trying to get 110 percent out there. I was nervous and exited at the same time. I guess I got my feet wet, so I'm excited about that.

BQR: Any indication that you might play a little bit more tonight?

SR: I gotta be ready at all times. At the same time, I'm just going to be ready when I get in and just build off the last game and go from there.

BQR: What are you trying to build off specifically?

SR: Just to rebound more. Just to play more relaxed. Just to continue to learn plays. Go out there and if the shot's open, take it.

BQR: It looks like there were a few lob plays they ran for you [in the last game] that went a little awry. What happened there?

SR: Oh, man! I should have grabbed it with two hands instead of one, because when I try to catch [holding his right arm cocked back behind his head] over somebody, instead of trying to bring it [holding both arms cocked behind his head]... I just should have grabbed it and taken it out of his hands.

Robinson, the 59th pick in this year's Draft, is a laid-back, soft-spoken guy, which made him both a pleasure to talk to and difficult to transcribe. In case you're curious, he's wearing the Heat Check shoe by adidas. His locker is stationed between Jason Williams' and Marcin Gortat's on the right side of the Magic's locker room.

We're less than an hour away from tipoff here at Amway Center.