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Poll: Which Orlando Magic Player Should Step Up and Be a Leader?

As the Orlando Magic mire in a three-game losing streak, there have been questions as to whether or not the team needs a locker room leader to fix the problem. Head coach Stan Van Gundy has stated that he's been the vocal person in the group, to which J.J. Redick agreed.

But as for a vocal leader among the players, there's been disagreement as to whether or not the Magic have that type of leadership and if that outspokenness is necessary as opposed to handling things in a subdued manner given the personality of the individuals on the roster.

Via the Official Dwight Howard Blog:

We talk to each other and we’re a close team. We understand there are different ways to approach different situations. Instead of being in the locker room after a loss yelling and going off on people, that’s not going to change anything. But talking to the guys, texting one another or calling and getting on guys personally, that’s the best way for our guys. It’s not about trying to be in the locker room being all rah-rah and standing up there screaming. We don’t play like that. That’s not us.

Whatever the case may be, which player should step up and be a leader for Orlando? At this point, that's the question that is being asked right now.

Who should it be?