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Orlando Magic Help Fight Childhood Obesity in the League's First-Ever NBA Fit Week

<em>Photo is courtesy of the Florida Hospital.</em>
Photo is courtesy of the Florida Hospital.

Via the Orlando Magic:


Florida Hospital, Orlando Magic and Wholesome Tummies have joined forces to create a unique program that will provide free lunch to one deserving elementary school class in Central Florida. The "Be Healthy" lunch program was "cooked-up" to help kids eat healthier and learn about the importance of good nutrition.


The rising consumption of unhealthy foods has helped contribute to the increase in obesity. That’s why the three organizations teamed up to attack obesity together. 


The free lunch will be delivered daily to one elementary school class starting at the end of the month until the end of the school year. The lunch will be prepared fresh everyday by Wholesome Tummies using only pure and wholesome ingredients. The lunches will be made with organic and all-natural ingredients, without trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, nitrates and artificial colors and flavors.