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T-Mobile Trivia Challenge: Win Tickets to See the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics Next Thursday

Orlando Pinstriped Post Photo / Bruce Maddox
Orlando Pinstriped Post Photo / Bruce Maddox

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

It's time to give away a few more tickets to an Orlando Magic home game, courtesy of T-Mobile. At stake tonight? Tickets to see the Magic host the Boston Celtics on Thursday, January 28th. Please pay special attention to the rules, as they've changed since the first two installments. But first, the question:

Who will score the Magic's 3rd field goal in their game against the Sacramento Kings on Friday, January 23rd, 2010?

And now the rules:

  • In each installment of the T-Mobile Trivia Challenge, we'll ask a question relating to a forthcoming Magic game and give you the chance to win tickets to a different Magic home game with a correct response.

  • We have four tickets to give away, but don't want the winners to have to go on their lonesome. Thus, two winners with the correct response will each receive two tickets to the game, which will allow them to bring a guest. I do not know the exact location of these seats, but I've been assured they are pretty good. Previous winners AB's triple double and GoMagicGo quite enjoyed the seats. And they're free, so you quite literally cannot beat the price.

  • Respond to the question in the comments section of this post, preferably without any ornamentation or additional text. Do not comment more than once, because a) that's unfair and b) I'll disqualify you. At the end of the comment period, I will close the comments section and our ticket coordinator will pick the winners at random by drawing two numbers.

  • We ask that only people who are able to attend the game enter their responses.

You'll recall that the first two times we gave tickets away, the questions were about Magic history and some quick Googling could lead to the correct answer. Now, we're asking questions about a Magic game in the future. Thus, unless Google comes out with a time-traveling search engine--and I wouldn't put it past them--the new ticket giveaways will be more challenging.

You have from now until tipoff tomorrow night--that's 7 PM on Friday, January 23rd--to post your response. I'll close the comments at that time. We'll announce the winners Sunday morning. Either I or our ticket coordinator will contact the winners via email with further instructions on how to obtain the tickets.

Please bear everything written above in mind before submitting your answer.

Again, you have until tomorrow's tipoff to submit your answer. Have fun.