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Word of the Day: Responsibility

responsibility (n.) - A duty, obligation or liability for which someone is held accountable; the obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion


Via John Denton of


[Stan] Van Gundy has gone back and forth on switching up the starting lineup, switching the rotations and switching up the combinations of players who are on the floor together. But he ultimately decided Saturday after much inspiration that it’s not so much about changing the players as it is changing the mentalities. 


``The way I see it is, all of our role guys are playing where they should be or above, but [Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Jameer Nelson] have to take individual responsibility for this,’’ he said. ``We’ve been overthinking [the changes[, I think. We should be able to put about any reasonable combination out there and do well because we have good enough players. Good players figure it out and make it work. Now, we’ve just got to go and do it.’’