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Announcing the First Winners of Our T-Mobile Trivia Challenge

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

It's time now to announce the winners of our first T-Mobile Trivia Challenge. The two winners will each receive two tickets to the Orlando Magic's game against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday, January 20th.

Everyone who responded correctly to the trivia question had his or her name entered into a random drawing. Here's the question we asked:

The Magic made their first NBA Finals appearance in 1995, when they held off the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Which Magic player defended Indiana's Rik Smits when Smits made the winning shot at the final buzzer of Game 4, knotting the series at 2 games apiece?

The correct answer is Tree Rollins, per the Orlando Sentinel's recap of the game. Thanks to everyone who answered.

Our winners are GoMagicGo and AB's triple double. Congratulations. We've already gotten in touch with them, but thought we'd share the good news with the community.

Tomorrow, we'll announce the winners of two tickets for this Friday's Magic/Sacramento Kings game. Stay tuned for more ticket giveaways.