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Announcement: T-Mobile Sponsors Orlando Pinstriped Post

We at Orlando Pinstriped Post have some exciting news to announce: T-Mobile has signed on as an official sponsor of our site.

What does the sponsorship mean for you, the reader? It gives you the chance to participate in trivia contests for the chance to win free Orlando Magic tickets, for one. It also means you'll see T-Mobile's name on the far right side of the blog title bar; for an example, check out Comcast's placement on Mile High Report, SB Nation's Denver Broncos blog.

T-Mobile will have no control over editorial content--as in, I'm not suddenly going to pitch its plans or products to you--but it will sponsor some posts, specifically the trivia contests and occasional Player of the Week bits. We'll clearly mark such posts as sponsored by T-Mobile so there's no confusion.

This very post, incidentally, is sponsored by T-Mobile.

Thanks to T-Mobile for its support, and to SB Nation for making this deal happen.

Stay tuned in the next few days for the first trivia post and the opportunity to win tickets to an upcoming Magic game.