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Where Dwight Howard Not Competing in the 2010 Slam Dunk Contest Happens

Via Chris Tomasson of NBA FanHouse:


Unless Superman is planning a surprise appearance out of another phone booth, don't expect to hear Dwight Howard's name called when the NBA announces its All-Star dunk participants on Monday.


[...] why doesn't Howard take another run at the contest?


"My teammates need me later in the season,'' said Howard, whose Magic made it to last year's NBA Finals, where they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers.


Howard also said he wants to conserve his energy for what he hopes will be another run at a title.


"(A dunk contest) takes a lot of energy. It takes a lot to get up and people don't understand that," Orlando's center said. "They say, 'He's tall and he's right there at the rim and it doesn't take a lot.' It takes a lot for me to get up and do a lot of things I do in the air. And I weigh a lot (265 pounds), too.''


A little over a month ago, I asked the community whether or not Dwight Howard should compete in the 2010 Slam Dunk Contest and 58% of the the respondents said "no." Some people commented that Howard had nothing left to prove in the competition.


So, what does everyone think of Howard's decision?