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Where Turning Back The Clock Happens

The University of North Carolina held its Alumni Game last night, to commemorate the 100th season in program history, to honor Michael Jordan by adding his name to the banner listing the program's Naismith inductees, and to recognize the 2009 NCAA championship team (fifth title, overall). Talk about college basketball royalty, right?


Orlando Magic's own & UNC alum Vince Carter was there for the proceedings.  

[Dean] Smith retired a dozen years ago as the winningest coach in Division I men's basketball and has kept a low profile in recent years. Yet one thing had not changed: he still seemed as uncomfortable with the attention as he was during his 36 years coaching here. He acknowledged the crowd, then pointed several times at the players as they applauded him.


"I didn't expect anything less," said Carter, also a member of Smith's last team. "He's touched so many lives for even the people that just are die-hard fans. Just to be a part of it and see it was breathtaking."

Seeing Carter in Carolina blue again was breathtaking, too.