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Fact or Fiction: Preview

Fact or Fiction.


It's one of the few segments on ESPN that's enjoyable because it throws out a statement, allows for an argument and counter-argument to be presented, and empowers the viewer to come up to his/her own conclusion. Pretty simple concept.


Inspired partly by Tom Ziller's 30Q series at Sactown Royalty, I wanted to run another mini-series at Third Quarter Collapse to guide Orlando Magic fans close to the start of training camp (begins September 29th at the RDV Sportsplex, mark your calendars). 


The ground-rules: the series will be based on the Fact or Fiction segment, with it being Magic-centric. The various statements that will be analyzed will come from the 3QC community - today, everyone will have the chance to chime in with their ideas.


Fairly simple. Figured this is another fun way of getting you, the reader, involved. All that I ask is that people comment with a statement (ex: Dwight Howard will repeat as the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year) for their idea. With that said, have at it.