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Looking Ahead at Our Orlando Magic Media Day Coverage

The Orlando Magic hosted their annual Media Day event yesterday, and 3QC--in the form of Eddy and yours truly--were there for the procedings. We have a ton of great content lined up, so here's our plan: a new post featuring a different interview subject will hit the main page every hour on the hour from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Yeah, we were busy.

Here's the schedule:

  • 8 AM - Jameer Nelson

  • 9 AM - Vince Carter

  • 10 AM - Stan Van Gundy

  • 11 AM - J.J. Redick

  • 12 PM - Otis Smith

  • 1 PM - Adonal Foyle

  • 2 PM - Rashard Lewis

  • 3 PM - Anthony Johnson

  • 4 PM - Marcin Gortat

  • 5 PM - Morris Almond

You might see some jarring omissions from that list. Where, for instance, is franchise center Dwight Howard? What of presumptive fifth-starter candidates Matt Barnes, Brandon Bass, and Mickael Pietrus? In these cases, we defer to our colleagues at other media outlets. Check the Orlando Sentinel and its BasketBlog; Orlando Magic Daily; Tim Povtak of AOL FanHouse; and the Magic's official website for more media day coverage.