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Orlando Magic Media Day: Rashard Lewis

The following questions were ones that I asked either one-on-one or within the media scrums (no different than the formats of previous Q/A's). For additional questions and answers, feel free to visit the Orlando Magic's site or the Orlando Sentinel's site to hear the additional commentary from the coaches and players.


Rashard Lewis:


Even though you've played power forward for the past two years, do you consider that your position now? Or do you still consider yourself a small forward?

I consider it as my position now [power forward] because I've played it here with the Magic and I think we're going to continue to do it but at the same time, in talking with coach [Stan Van Gundy], he told me that I'll be playing a lot of the three, as well so I got to learn both positions. I think we're capable, depending on who we're playing against a bigger team like the Celtics then maybe I'll move to the three or I guess if we're playing against a smaller team likes to run up and down, I'll play the four so I think we're flexible in doing both.

So you think you're more apt to play conventionally, depending on the matchup?

Yeah, just depends on our matchup and who our opponents are. 

Do you think Twitter has done a good job of portraying your personality a bit to your fans?

I think it's helped. I think it's more for the fan-base, trying to build up the fan-base and be connected with the fans. I think they like the fact that they can be a part of our lives by being on Twitter and it does help a lot.

The season can be a grind, is there an NBA city that you look most forward to visiting?

Obviously I like to go home. I like to play in Houston, Texas just to be around family and friends and it's always good to be home with family and friends.

Do you think you're going to post up a little bit more? It seemed like you were able to do it in Game 6 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

I think he [Stan Van Gundy] will post me up a lot more this year. He noticed that I'm a pretty solid player down in the post, not only scoring, but making the right pass out of the post. I'm sure he'll run it more this year.