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Submit Your Questions for Orlando Magic Media Day

Tomorrow, the Orlando Magic will host Media Day, during which members of the press will have the opportunity to meet with players, coaches, and executives and talk to them about the upcoming season; and the players will have the opportunity to pose for tremendously goofy photos, like the one seen in last year's season-preview post by Ball Don't Lie. Eddy and I will be in attendance, and although we have some ideas about which stories we want to pursue, we'd like your input as well.

Thus, we're soliciting you, the 3QC community, for questions you'd like to have answered. In the comments section of this post, please give us some suggestions. And if you like a question someone's already submitted, go ahead and "rec" it by clicking "actions" on their comment, then the "rec" button. Eddy and I will take every serious question under advisement, but will pay particular attention to the ones that receive the most recommendations.

Have at it, folks.