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Orlando Magic News for September 14th: Notes on Defense and Rebounding

  • The Impact Of Vince Carter’s Departure

    Sebastian Pruiti provides video analysis of Vince Carter's game in order to demonstrate how his leaving via trade will affect the Nets. Of particular interest to Magic fans is Pruiti's assessment of Carter's defense; it appears as though his reputation of indifference on that end is well-earned, based on these clips. If the Magic are to repeat as the league's most efficient defense this year, Carter's going to need to step up his attention level on that end of the floor.

  • The top 10 rebounders of the last decade

    Dwight Howard is the Magic's lone representative in Kelly Dwyer's latest top-ten list. He rates second, behind only Ben Wallace. Here are Dwyer's comments about Howard:

    It's safe to say that we have a clear clubhouse leader should we strike this list back up again in 10 years — because if Howard retired today, he'd take to Florida's senior communities as the owner of the third highest rebound rate in league history. Pretty solid work for a player who has yet to turn 24 years old. For comparison's sake, Dennis Rodman was 25 and a half years-old when he grabbed his first NBA carom.

  • NBA Scouting Reports: Filling in the Blanks- the Shooting Guards

    Matt Kamalsky of DraftExpress evaluates the shooting guards from the 2005 draft class, which includes Orlando reserve J.J. Redick. Here's Kamalsky's assessment of Redick's work on defense, for which he's often criticized:

    Defense: Had his moments in the 2009 playoffs by playing extremely active, but will remain a potentially exploitable match up since he has to play all-out to be effective. Lacks ideal lateral quickness and strength. Shows very good fundamentals and displays nice awareness off the ball. Doesn’t possess the explosiveness or length to force many turnovers, but will get a hand up on shooters. Struggles in one-on-one situations, but works hard to fight through screens to stay with his man on the pick and roll. Will look to secure long rebounds. Not an ideal defensive option, though his effort level will help compensate for all of his shortcomings on a game-to-game basis.

  • 72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #47 Rooting against Dwyane Wade

    Okay, this link doesn't directly pertain to the Magic, but it's still funny. Former Magic swingman Mo Evans, now of the Atlanta Hawks, is apparently pumping iron in order to better defend the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. This story amused Wade, who Tweeted that he's now extra-motivated to take it to Evans and the Hawks. I fear for Mo's life.