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Happy Birthday, Rashard Lewis

As far as blog posts go, 'Happy Birthday' ones are fairly easy to write. One can plan for them, quite literally, years in advance, if one wanted to; I doubt many bloggers plan that far ahead.

So I've had Rashard Lewis' birthday post planned for a while, and obviously it's taken a bit of a different tone after news broke Wednesday of his failing an NBA drug test, and thus receiving a suspension which will sideline him for the first 10 games of this season.

But I don't want to focus on the suspension. I've written about it before. Today, it's time to extend Rashard warm wishes on his 30th birthday. As Basketball-Reference shows us, after only two seasons, Lewis is 7th in Magic history in three-pointers made, 8th in threes attempted, and 4th in three-point percentage. He's fifth in points per game, 9th in rebounds per game, 10th in Player Efficiency Rating, and 4th in effective field goal percentage.

What I'm getting at is the following: he's already done a helluva lot for this franchise.

Many happy returns, Ice-O Rashard.