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Happy Birthday, Patrick Ewing!

As is our custom at Third Quarter Collapse, we'd like to extend a happy birthday to Orlando Magic assistant coach Patrick Ewing, who turns 47 today. Patrick has been credited for furthering Dwight Howard's offensive development since his arrival to the coaching staff two years ago. Ewing also made local and national headlines after guaranteeing an Orlando win over Boston in Game 7 of the 2009 Eastern Semifinals - a guarantee which held up, as the Magic defeated the Celtics. There have been rumblings that Patrick would like a shot at a head coaching gig in the Association, but has yet to be given the opportunity (which puzzles the mind of Stan Van Gundy) from a team. Until Ewing gets the chance, he'll be sitting on the sidelines for Orlando.


Oh, and there's still his commercial to marvel at ...


Many happy returns, Patrick.